Fairytale Island Review

Fairytale Island was a slight letdown. Now before you berate me for being too critical, let me explain my thought process.

Fairytale Island is extremely similar to Wild Safari Island, format wise. Both islands have you go through 3 quick mini-games or “side-quests” before rewarding you the medallion. Fairytale is just Wild Safari, but with more original characters and more interesting world design.

Granted, I like the characters. They’re well designed and entertaining for the 5 or so minutes you get to see them. Rumplestiltskin is an intriguing villain, (although they don’t do much with him story-wise,) Cinderella had her own brief character arc in which she became an angry rockstar, (this part was very entertaining) and I found myself to be incredibly terrified of the lumberjack who tried to get an old grandmother almost killed.

The modern twists they put on the characters were clever and fun. I just wish we had more time with said characters.

The island is so underwhelmingly short and easy that it feels like it was designed for toddlers. I want the Poptropica Creators to know (if they’re even reading this, which I highly doubt) that we’re not children who need to be handheld. We’re more intelligent than you think. Just give us a challenge. A longer challenge is all we want.

Overall, I’ll give Fairytale a 4/10. It had potential, but that potential was floundered.

Art Contest + New Island?!

For world art day, we at the Poptropica Club are hosting an art contest! Here are the details:

Submissions end at April 19, 12:AM EST.
One submission per person.
The theme is Poptropica! As long as it’s Poptropica related, you can submit it!
Nothing NSFW is allowed.
Send your submissions to zuko#8107 through Discord DMs.

Have fun!

In other news, Fairytale Island is being released!

Thanks to IsaacEntertains for informing us!

Along with the release of Fairytale Island, the creators are holding a fairytale themed art contest! More details can be found on the creators blog.
Will Fairytale Island live up the standards of past islands? Or will it be as underwhelming as Wild Safari? We’ll just have to wait and see….


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